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Miss Amy: GRAMMY® Nominated Artist, featured on a 2nd Nominated project and on a Winning album, songstress & good-times Ringleader.


Alex Otey: Participant Artist/Producer/Arranger on two GRAMMY® Nominated projects and one Winning album, and Trumpet, Keyboard & Vocal Triple Threat.


Ryan Ross: Berklee Trained Power Percussionist and full-on Authentic Scotsman, and a founding member of the Scottish Indie Rock band Glasvegas.


Chris Clark: Participant Artist on a GRAMMY® Awards Nominated project, Professor of Double Bass, Classical Master & Prog-rock Aficionado.


James Popik: Participant Artist on a GRAMMY® Awards Nominated project, Roots Rock Impresario, Smooth songman and Electric Guitar monster.


Off The Map With Miss Amy is built of musicians who love to play music! Fronted by lead singer Miss Amy this band rocks hard or swings sweetly for a fun musical experience.


Their backgrounds range from being opening acts for Marshall Tucker and Los Lonely Boys, to recording with Bernie Worell, Jim Horn, Richie Cole and Grover Washington Jr., to performing with the Delaware Symphony, the New Jersey Philharmonic, and backing the Moody Blues.


Together they’ve performed at numerous venues, from music festivals, to the LA Air Force Base to the White House. Technically spanning a number of genres this group has been innovating to develop a unique blend that’s been captured in their debut album, Angels Riding Shotgun.

Band Goal


To boldly venture into new a music space where no man (or woman) has gone before!


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Off The Map With Miss Amy